We are happy to announce that five of our papers have been accepted in EMBC 2024. Papers are titled with:

  1. Mohammad Arshad Hossain Ratul, Tunisha Yanoor Bristy, Noorjahan Sayeed, and Ashraful Islam, “mHealth Tool for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Management and Education in Bangladeshi Women”, EMBC 2024.

  2. Jahanggir Hossain Setu, Nabarun Halder, Ashraful Islam, “Streamlining Multi-Omics Analysis for Enhanced Predictive Model”, EMBC 2024.

  3. Nabarun Halder, Jahanggir Hossain Setu, Ashraful Islam, “Smartwatch-Based Human Stress Diagnosis Utilizing Physiological Signals and LSTM-Driven Machine Intelligence”.

  4. Md Asif Bin Khaled, Ashraful Islam, “Relational Agent-Enabled mHealth Platform for Addressing Dengue Crisis in Bangladesh”, EMBC 2024

  5. Md Junayed Hossain, Ashraful Islam, “Leukemia Classification: a Comprehensive Evaluation of Deep Learning Models with Pixel Reduction”, EMBC 2024.