Exploring Nature and Society Through Data & Computation

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Artificial IntelligenceData ScienceAstronomy & AstrophysicsComputational PhysicsComputational BiologyHuman Computer Interaction

Center for Computational & Data Sciences

Exploring Nature and Society Through Data & Computation


Discovering secrets of nature’s wonders through computational insights and data-driven exploration.


Transforming society through the power of computational analysis and data-driven solutions.


Unraveling the hidden stories within data, fueling innovation and driving decision-making.


Unleashing the potential of computation to tackle complex challenges and shape a better future.

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About Us

CCDS is a research center of Independent University Bangladesh established in 2022. It is dedicated to research in the fields of artificial intelligence, data sciences and computational science and their applications in the natural and social sciences.
The center currently has 6 wings.
  • AGenCy Lab

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Wing

  • CBW

    Computational Biology Wing

  • ComPAs

    Computational Physics & Astronomy Wing

  • HCI

    Human Computer Interaction Wing

  • IPT

    Industry Partnership & Training Wing

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