The Department of Physical Sciences (DPS) of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) is going to organize a summer school. The title of the school is “DPS IUB Summer School 2024: Glimpses into the Quantum World- Information, Technology, and Applications“. The school has two parts: 1) pre-school, 2) main school. In the pre-school lectures will be delivered by the experts to make the students prepared for the main school. In the main school, guest lecturers will deliver lectures on some exciting developments in the area of quantum information theory and technology.

The following courses will be offered.

  • Necessary mathematics
  • Quantum mechanics essentials
  • A crash course on quantum computation
  • Geometric and holonomic quantum computation
  • Topological phases of matter
  • Open quantum systems


Completion of Linear Algebra, and Quantum Mechanics is recommended. However, in the pre-school the basics will be covered.


The date of the pre-school is May 4-9, 2024. The main school will be held from May 11-16, 2024. If you are interested to attend the school, please apply via filling this form.

The pre-school

The purpose of the pre-school is to make the students prepare for a smooth transition to the main school. With a view to achieving this goal, the following courses are offered.

  1. Necessary Mathematics by Dr. Jewel K. Ghosh
  2. Quantum Mechanics Essentials by Prof. M. Arshad Momen
  3. A crash course on quantum computation by Prof. Tibra Ali

Main School

In the main school, leading experts will deliver lectures on different topics. The tentative topics are the following.

  1. Geometric and holonomic quantum computation by Prof. L. C. Kwek
  2. Topological phases of matter by Prof. Subhro Bhattacharjee
  3. Open quantum systems (online) by Prof. Manas Kulkarni