We will be hiring two full-time research assistants (RAs) for our Center for Computational and Data Sciences (CCDS) at Independent University Bangladesh.

🤔 Why become an RA at CCDS?

Well, if you want to do exciting research, publish in reputed venues, get admitted to a top ranked university, enhance your knowledge in mathematics and statistics, and also be paid for for all of this, then we probably provide the best place in Bangladesh.

As an RA you will be

🔹 Working with our experienced team

At CCDS we have 9 supervisors and currently 4 full time RAs working on a variety of topics in machine learning and deep learning for Computer Vision, NLP, Medical Image Processing, HCI and health informatics, computational and theoretical physics, and computational biology. We have a number of collaborations and aim to establish more collaborations with reputed research centers and labs.

🔹 Learning from local and foreign experts

We have a distinguished lecture series and arrange regular workshops. Check out the titles of some of the recent workshops.

🔹Honing your math skills

RA will have ample opportunity to learn advanced mathematical and statistical methods for machine learning. We have regular study sessions on topics such as group theory, differential geometry, high dimensional probability theory, stochastic processes, spectral graph theory, differential equations, statistical mechanics etc.

🔹Have a relatively smooth path to graduate studies

Research assistants will be provided with the full support and assistance during their graduate program application process. We would like to see them at top-ranked universities. See where our alumni are.

➕ More exciting news about CCDS activities will be announced soon. Keep an eye on our website and check out our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

🟢 Eligibility

✅BSc in CSE/EEE/Aplied Statistics/Statistics/Applied Math/Mathematics/Physics
✅Must be skilled in python, NumPy and PyTorch/TensorFlow for deep learning.
✅Must have good understanding of Linear algebra, Multivariable calculus, probability theory. And must be interested in learning mathematical and statistical methods for data science.
✅ Preference will be given to applicants who has completed Machine learning/Deep learning courses either online or as a part his/her undergrad studies, and already have publications on these and related topics.

🟠 Responsibilities

🔸We expect you to spend 40 hours per week.
🔸 You will be asked to conduct introductory python tutorial classes for 6 to 9 hours per week (2 days) out the 40 hours.
🔸Rest of the time you spend on research and studies.

🟢 Remuneration

BDT 40k per month (all inclusive)

🔵 How to apply

Email your CV and a cover letter to ccds@iub.edu.bd by September 5, 2023

There will be an interview. The date of the interview will be informed via email to the applicants who are short-listed.