Human Activity Recognition and Rehabilitation Exercise Evaluation

This ICT Division and IUB funded project intends to develop machine learning-based approaches which can be used for the recognition of various activities using data from wearable sensors (e.g. accelerometer, gyroscope) and motion sensing devices (e.g. kinect). In addition, we intend to develop models which could be used by people seeking rehabilitation support at the CRP. Particularly, our research intention is to record movement data while the rehabilitation exercises are performed. In addition to sensor data, the plan includes collection of visual data of the patient performing exercises using 3D sensors. Finally, we intend to use time series data analysis to learn the activity, measure (or grade) the performance of the patient, level of improvement, identify the areas and time when the patient is facing difficulty. In order to achieve automatic or semi-automatic activity recognition and exercise evaluation, we have designed self attention and graph convolution based architectures. The works on self-attention based architectures for activity recognition from sensor data have been published in ECAI 2020 and PAKDD 2021.