CCDS RA received “Best Shared Task Paper” in BanglaNLP workshop @EMNLP23

EMNLP is one of the best conferences in natural language processing which is a very prestigious venue. This year there was a workshop on the Bangla language named “Bangla Language Processing” (BLP) for the first time.  From our CCDS Lab, 5 papers have been accepted in that workshop. Among those accepted papers, the paper titled “Aambela al BLP-2023 Task 2: Enhancing  Banglabert Performance for Bangla Sentiment Analysis Task within task pretraining and Adversarial Weight Perturbation” has been selected for the “Best Shared Task Paper” award in the workshop. Congratulations to our RA, Md Fahim for winning this award.
Award Announcement Link: 
Link of the paper: